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November Classes


French Holiday Dinner Party

Tuesday, November 10th  10am  $60

Friday, November 13th  5:30pm  $80


During the holidays it's fun to try something new to surprise our guests. This menu looks complicated, but I'll show you how easy it is to make dishes that are this elegant and tasty.

  • Salade Lyonnaise- frisée and bacon with a classic vinaigrette, topped with a poached egg

  • Coquilles St Jacques- scallops and mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce with mashed potatoes and Swiss cheese, served in a scallop shell

  • Braised Leeks- with a Dijon vinaigrette

  • Bananas Foster- bananas flambéed with rum and served over ice cream

Party Appetizers (both sessions are full)

Thursday, November 19th  10am  $60

Sunday, November 22nd  4pm  $80


I try to do an appetizer class every year before the holidays. Everyone enjoys having new ideas for holiday parties, or any time!

  • Prosciutto Wrapped Greens- a little bite-sized salad in a blanket of prosciutto

  • Mediterranean Baklava- layers of filo with mushrooms, goat cheese and roasted red peppers

  • Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed with Avocado Pesto

  • Dried Cherry Tapenade- on a crostini with brie

  • Pasta Wrapped Shrimp- with citrus wasabi dressing

 December Classes


Turkish Brunch
Wednesday, December 2nd 10am $60
Sunday, December 6th 4pm $80

After spending time in Turkey last year we fell in love with their food. These dishes can be served for any meal of the day. Eggs are not just for brunch!

  • Shashuka- a lovely mixture of onions, peppers, herbs and tomatoes with baked eggs

  • Spicy Lentils- baked with eggs and sujuk (a very flavorful Turkish sausage)

  • Sweet Tahini Spirals- like cinnamon rolls but with layers of sweetened tahini

  • Dried Figs- filled with mixed nuts and baked, served warm with whipped cream


Easy Gourmet: One Pot Meals

Wednesday, December 9th  10am  $60


In this class we will be making some easy but very tasty dishes to feed family or friends any day of the week. Add a simple salad or bread and enjoy!

  • Pasta with Ground Pork and Spicy Peanut Sauce- pasta with wonderful Asian flavors

  • Middle Eastern Chili- ground lamb with two kinds of beans, tomatoes, and warm spices

  • Polenta Casserole- with chicken, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and peppers

  • Hot Fudge Sunday Cake- mixed and baked in the same pan, served warm with ice cream


January Classes


Spanish Paella  

Tuesday, January 5th  10am  $60

Saturday, January 9th   5pm   $80


My last paella class filled up very quickly so I'm offering it again. The paella is my recipe that everyone loves, but I decided to change all of the side dishes from the last class. So if you have taken a paella class before there are several new recipes to try!

  • Paella- rice, chicken, shrimp, mussels and clams with smoked paprika and saffron

  • Espinicas a la Catalana- spinach cooked in olive oil with currents and pine nuts

  • Pan con Tomate- Spain's tomato toast

  • Torta de Santiago- a classic Spanish almond and lemon cake

Asian Noodles
Wednesday, January 13th 10am $60
Sunday, January 17th 4pm $80

Noodles are wonderful comfort food. We've all made mac and cheese, but in this class we'll be exploring Asian noodle dishes- still comforting, but with a twist!

  • Cinnamon Beef Noodles- Chinese flat noodles with beef, spinach and onions cooked in a cinnamon ginger chili sauce

  • Noodle Cake with Spicy Sauce- ground pork and Chinese sausage cooked with chili, garlic, and onion; served over fried cake wedges made with fresh yakisoba noodles

  • Pad Thai- (which means "stir fry") rice stick noodles with shrimp, pork, tofu, bean sprouts, and peanuts; soy sauce, fish sauce, and lime make the sauce

  • Thai Fried Pineapple- with vanilla yogurt, lime, and coconut

February Classes

Italian Dinner Party
Thursday, February 11th 10am $60
Saturday, February 13th 5pm $80

Italian cuisine seems to be a favorite of everyone. This class will show you how to make a creative menu for friends and family. The evening class is on the day before Valentine's Day and would be a perfect date night. What could be better than cooking together, then enjoying a lovely meal with Burnt Bridge Cellars wines!

  • Panzanella Salad- classic bread salad with basil, capers, roasted red peppers, olives and tomatoes

  • Parmesan Chicken- chicken breasts cooked with a crisp topping of parmesan, Panko and lemon zest, finished with lemon juice

  • Potato Gnocchi- with a sun-dried tomato cream sauce

  • Chocolate Panna Cotta- with Amaretto whipped cream

Mediterranean Mezze (small plates) (menu on the website)
Wednesday, February 17th 10am $60
Sunday, February 21st 4pm $80


I love small, flavorful plates- especially to share. I also really enjoy Mediterranean flavor combinations. These dishes each involve a different cooking technique, and of course we'll have a to make a yummy dessert to finish the meal.

  • Lamb and Pistachio Kofte- ground lamb patties with  tahini and pistachio sauce

  • Swiss Chard Falafel- chickpea patties with a tahini, lemon, and sumac sauce

  • Vine Leaves Stuffed with Butternut Squash, Rice and Pine Nuts

  • Orange and Hazelnut Cake- with orange flower syrup






Each hands on cooking class focuses on making a complete meal, or on making several dishes from a single category (such as all appetizers or all salads).  A typical class has 4 or 5 recipes and involves learning cooking techniques, shortcuts, knife skills and food safety.  You will receive recipes for all dishes made in the class and ideas for mixing and matching recipes.  Classes involve about 2 hours of cooking.  When the meal is complete, students sit down in our beautiful Burnt Bridge Cellars dining room for a relaxed lunch or dinner of your culinary creations.



All classes require a reservation.  A place will be held with full payment for the class. Personal checks or credit cards are accepted.  



To cancel, fees are fully refundable 8 days prior to the class date.  Fees are not refundable with notice of less than 8 days. 


Cancelled Classes:

We reserve the right to cancel classes up to 1 week in advance of the class date.  Class fees will be refunded if a class is canceled.


How to Sign Up:

To sign up for a class, call Kim Mahan at (360) 600-8006, or send an e-mail to kim@class-cooking.com.  Let me know which class you'd like to attend.  If there is space you'll send a check for the total amount, payable to Class Cooking, or call me with your credit card number to hold your spot.