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Class Cooking is located adjacent to the Burnt Bridge Cellars winery in downtown Vancouver, Washington, and serves the greater Portland, Oregon area.  I specialize in small group hands-on gourmet cooking classes, and provide event planning and catering services for Burnt Bridge Cellars. 


Class Cooking- 110 E. 15th St     Vancouver, WA 

Burnt Bridge Cellars- 1500 Broadway   Vancouver, WA 


Call Kim at 360.600.8006 or email kim@class-cooking.com to reserve your place at the table!




Menus and details are on the Class Schedule page


March Classes:


Taste of Morocco

Wednesday, March 11th 10am $60

Thursday, March 12th 5:30pm $80


When people visit the cooking school they are very interested in my tagines. A tagine is a Moroccan cooking vessel with a cone-shaped lid. You will learn how to cook with this and make some wonderful Moroccan stews.






Indian Curries

Thursday, March 26th 10am $60

Saturday, March 28th 5pm $80


It seems that everyone loves Indian restaurants but many people are unsure if the food can be made at home. I will show you how accessible this cuisine is! You will need to add to your spice collection, but luckily Vancouver has some wonderful Indian markets to help you with that.





April Classes:


Dim Sum

Wednesday, April 8th  10am  $60

Friday, April 10th   5:30pm  $80


There has been so much interest in the January Dim Sum class I'm repeating it in April!  I love small bites with big flavors. In this class we will be learning several cooking techniques: steaming, frying, and braising to make everything from soft steamed buns to crispy spring rolls- and more!



Mexican Dinner Party

Sunday, April 19th  4pm  $80

Tuesday, April 21st  10am  $60


I love Mexican food that's not Americanized (without all the cheddar cheese). In this class we will be making elegant Mexican dishes that are very different from the typical Tex-Mex food that you find just about everywhere.


May Classes:


Spanish Paella
Thursday, May 7th 10am $60
Friday, May 8th 5:30pm $80











Crab Cakes
Wednesday, May 13th 10am $60
Saturday, May 16th 5pm $80









June Classes:


Summer Luau
Wednesday, June 10th 10am $60
Thursday, June 11th 5pm $80

Main Dish Salads
Thursday, June 25th 10am $60
Friday, June 26th 5:30pm $80






Tonight I did it.  Cooked several of the dishes from the Greek cooking class.  By the time the guests left, you'd have thought Alexander the Great.  Of course my wife was instrumental in reminding me of all the steps you had written down that I forgot to read.


Thanks for your classes.  I love it.  John