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Class Cooking is located adjacent to the Burnt Bridge Cellars winery in downtown Vancouver, Washington, and serves the greater Portland, Oregon area.  I specialize in small group hands on gourmet cooking classes, and provide event planning and catering services for Burnt Bridge Cellars. 


Class Cooking- 110 E. 15th St     Vancouver, WA 

Burnt Bridge Cellars- 1500 Broadway   Vancouver, WA 


Call Kim at 360.600.8006 or email kim@class-cooking.com to reserve your place at the table!




Menus and details are on the Class Schedule page


June- no scheduled classes. I will be researching food in Turkey!


July Classes

Deviled Eggs 101
Thursday, July 17th 10am   $40

Everyone loves deviled eggs! They can be a little “old school” but these recipes will make them current. We will also be talking about creating your own combinations. The possibilities are endless and yummy!








Summer Picnic

Tuesday, July 22nd 10am   $60

Friday, July 25th 5:30pm   $75


I like to offer a picnic class every summer. I enjoy opening my portable meal at a concert in the park and everyone around us wishes they were on our blanket!



August Classes


Crab Cakes 101

Friday, August 8th 10am   $60

Sunday, August 10th 4pm   $75


I love crab cakes and I do not seem to be alone in this love! I make several kinds and decided to share how diverse and amazing home-made crab cakes can be.





Kabobs and Marinades

Wednesday, August 20th 10am $60

Saturday, August 23rd 5pm $75

My “go-to” quick meal in the heat of summer is Kabobs on the BBQ. I have many marinade recipes and they work well with different meats. In this class we will make a couple of kinds of kebabs, plus extra marinade recipes for you to try at home.




September Classes

Turkish Delights
Friday, September 12th 5:30pm   $75
Wednesday, September 17th 10am   $60

I’m excited to share new recipes including some I recently learned while in Turkey. We’ll make some other recipes from my Turkish cookbooks that I understand better after eating the dishes in country!










Tonight I did it.  Cooked several of the dishes from the Greek cooking class.  By the time the guests left, you'd have thought Alexander the Great.  Of course my wife was instrumental in reminding me of all the steps you had written down that I forgot to read.


Thanks for your classes.  I love it.  John