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Class Cooking is located adjacent to the Burnt Bridge Cellars winery in downtown Vancouver, Washington, and serves the greater Portland, Oregon area.  I specialize in small group hands-on gourmet cooking classes, and provide event planning and catering services for Burnt Bridge Cellars. 


Class Cooking- 110 E. 15th St     Vancouver, WA 

Burnt Bridge Cellars- 1500 Broadway   Vancouver, WA 


Call Kim at 360.600.8006 or email kim@class-cooking.com to reserve your place at the table!




Menus and details are on the Class Schedule page


September Classes


Spanish Paella

Saturday, September 19th  5pm  $80

Tuesday, September 22nd  10am  $60


This class is back by popular demand! It will not be offered again this year. After living in Spain for 2 years we ate, and I cooked, a lot of paella. This class will fill up quickly, so reserve your spot soon.






Quick Gourmet: Store-bought Roasted Chicken

Tuesday, September 29th  10am  $60


Like you, I am often out of time to plan and prepare a meal. Roasted chickens are my go to fast food. In this class we will be starting with this store staple, and ending with some amazing meals.





October Classes



Thursday, October 8th  10am  $60

Saturday, October 10th  5pm  $80


Arepas are cornmeal patties with fillings or toppings. They're a popular  street food in Venezuela and Columbia. Simple to make, delicious, and gluten-free!






Wednesday, October 14th  10am  $60

Sunday, October 18th  4pm  $80


I love all things pumpkin. With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming, pumpkin will be in season. What says "fall" more than a hearty stew baked right into a pumpkin shell?



November Classes


French Holiday Dinner Party (menu on the Class Cooking website)

Tuesday, November 10th  10am  $60

Friday, November 13th  5:30pm  $80


During the holidays it's fun to try something new to surprise our guests. This menu looks complicated, but I'll show you how easy it is to make dishes that are this elegant and tasty.




Party Appetizers

Thursday, November 19th  10am  $60

Sunday, November 22nd  4pm  $80


I try to do an appetizer class every year before the holidays. Everyone enjoys having new ideas for holiday parties, or any time!







Tonight I did it.  Cooked several of the dishes from the Greek cooking class.  By the time the guests left, you'd have thought Alexander the Great.  Of course my wife was instrumental in reminding me of all the steps you had written down that I forgot to read.


Thanks for your classes.  I love it.  John